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MIT Shotgun S2 Speaker Interface Cables - 10' (original box, packaging, literature)

MIT Shotgun S2 Interconnects - 2 meter (original box, packaging, literature)
Ben's Silver Audio Interconnects - 3' and special 6' (w/phono ground)
Signal Cable Balanced Interconnects w/Neutrik XLR Connectors - 2'

Furutech FP9202-R (Rhodium) Locking Banana Plugs

MIT Shotgun AC1 Power Cables - 2 meter (in original box)
MIT Z-Cord II Power Cable - 2 meter
VH Audio Flavor1 Cryo with Furutech Power Cable - 4'
Shunyata Diamondback Platinum Power Cables - 5' (in original packaging)
Zu Birth Power Cables 1 meter (original box, literature)
Tara Labs Space and Time AC Affinity Power Cable - 3'
Signal Cable Magic Power Cable - 6'
Signal Cable Magic Power 10' Digital Reference Cable
Groneberg Quattro Reference Power Cable - 5'
VH Audio Flavor1 Cryo with Furutech Power Cable - 4'

Akai 1710 Tube Amp Reel to Reel
Akai 1720W Solid State Reel to Reel

2002 Dodge Neon AM-FM CD Player P05091958AA

Pearl 10 inch Firecracker Popcorn Snare with extra head

Musical Fidelity A1 CD Player

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