w/Integrated Speakers and 5W Tube Amp

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Link to 1710 owners manual in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format: Audio/Akai-1710/images/Akai_1710_owners_manual.pdf
Link to 1710 service manual in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format: Audio/Akai-1710/images/Akai_1710_service_manual.pdf
Link to 1710-W service manual in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format: Audio/Akai-1710/images/Akai_1710-W_service_manual.pdf

Amazing for it's age . . . Unit is completely functional and sounds great. I've cleaned, replaced rubber roller, and replaced tubes with excellent tested tubes. It operates on 110v with the ability to be changed to 220v if desired.  Cosmetics are great taking the age in consideration.  Please see "enlarged" pictures for more visual details.  I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have."